Ghost Town video from Beverley Beirne’s album Jazz Just Wants To Have Fun

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The Specials original pop song from 1981 – ‘Ghost Town’ is reinterpreted by Beverly Bierne and is one of the tracks on her newly released album ‘Jazz Just Wants To Have Fun’. This second in a series of video stories is set on location in London and The 606 Club.

Beverley arrives with her band to play at the 606 Club, suddenly the Club owner (played by actor – Richard Bevan) places a sign up announcing ‘Bands Won’t Play No More’. Watch the video to see the rest of the story.

I understand from Beverly, the day they filmed the video it was extremely windy due to the storm ‘Doris’. Beverly did assure us they all suffered for the sake of art, and had a really good laugh.

Read George Cole’s CD Review of Beverly Beirne’s new album ‘Jazz Just Wants To Have Fun’ which was produced by renowned music producer Jason Miles.

Band: Beverley Beirne – voice. Sam Watts – Piano. Flo Moore – Bass. Ben Brown – Drums. Rob Hughes – Sax. Club owner – Actor, Richard Bevan.  Cameos, crew and Hubbie.

Last modified: July 13, 2018