Lisa Simone is Interviewed by Paola Vera for JazzInEurope

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PV:  Due  to  the  current  state  of  world  politics,  there  seems  to  be  a  movement  towards more “Social Comment” themed albums. What are your thoughts on this, does Social Comment play a role in Jazz? 

LS: As my mother said; “It is an artist’s responsibility to reflect the times”. I cannot speak for the genre of Jazz personally. My music will always reflect my life’s journey, a journey we are all on, as human beings.

Lisa Simone © AlexandreLacombe

PV: Do you feel there is a difference in how you are received in Europe compared to the States? 

LS: Definitely!! After 20 years of performing in the US, my career was at a standstill, which made no sense. In 2013, my husband and I were inspired to follow our hearts and leave the US – So similar to my mother – In search of something more meaningful, so we moved to France with our daughter. I had a French agent, who is still my agent, and within 13 months of arriving ‘All Is Well’ was released. Something, no record company in the US was interested in.

PV: Are audiences more or less receptive? 

LS: I find in Europe there is less judgement and more appreciation for real musicianship, no matter your age, if your music is “too positive”, or the like.

PV:  You  will  be  playing  the  17th  April  at  the  Cully  Jazz  Festival  in  Switzerland and also have a European tour coming up soon, what can we look forward to hearing from you in your live show? 

 LS: I Love ‘The Cully Jazz Festival!’ It is one of my top 3 places to perform. Those in attendance can look forward to enjoying great musicianship, good music, positive vibrations, and food for the soul.

PV: What’s next for you? What are you currently working on?

 LS: We are in the studio right now recording the next new album for release in the fall (autumn) of 2018.

Find out more about:  Lisa Simone  and her current 2018 European Tour dates info/TIX  This includes having the chance to see Lisa perform at The Cully Jazz Festival.

Interviewer: Paola Vera

If you can’t get to see Lisa Simone Live for now, here is plan B:

YT Video: muzizlife
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