Kekko Fornarelli “Abaton” CD Review by Erminia Yardley

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Uniquely creative jazz.

One of the recent albums received this year, “Abaton”, on the newly formed Italian label, Eskape (from Bari),  is a work of 8 tracks, the shortest running for just over 5 minutes and the longest for over 9 minutes.

I am in awe of this album for a lot of reasons which I will try and highlight below.

“Abaton” (from the Greek inaccessible as in secret, remote) is simply a work of art, not just musically, but for its sheer luxurious style, a cross-over jazz with huge doses of poetry and symphony.

This, in turn, creates a different sound, something that challenges every single pore and thought.

Kekko (Francesco) Fornarelli, composer, producer and incredible pianist, is back with a 5th album, offering a work that is compelling and melancholic.   Recorded at the famous Sorriso Studio in Bari last year, Kekko, together with Federico Pecoraro (electric bass) and Dario Congedo (drums) are on top form, with a chemistry amongst them that is a pure joy to listen to.

For example, on “The Joy Shop”, Kekko’s playing on synths and piano is particularly delicious; a crescendo on both instruments that makes the track so spellbinding, but it is “Gulls on The Bosphorus” that breaks all confines of jazz and musicality.   I love this piece: it’s very evocative and powerful.

A special mention needs to go to Leo Gaddaleta for its strings arrangement and conducting on “Apnea” and the title track “Abaton”.  Both are incredible pieces for their jazz nuances mixes with symphonic touches and trippy resonances.

Fornarelli has managed to offer an album which is individual in all aspects of what we call jazz, BUT, let’s also pay attention to the messages provided in the unity of sound and utterly sensuous piano playing.  Every piece on “Abaton” is a little picture in itself.  Music becomes Art and Art in turn Music.

A perfect sound.


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Last modified: July 16, 2018