CD Review: Ludovico Carmenati, In The Afternoon.

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“In the afternoon” is a re-release of the ambitious project by Gianludovico Carmenati on RaRa Records. The album has been re-released in 2021 in a new remastered version and presents a collection of nine original songs composed by the bass player expressly for this line-up. Carmenati says “It took four years to put the music together. I was inspired by some old charts I composed but I wanted to give a new and fresh dimension to the music which represents a picture of who I am musically in this moment”.

It’s a challenge to choose for such a large line-up in these modern times, not just in terms of organization and managing the different personalities but in the logistics of touring with a large ensemble (remember when we could still do this! – Ed). It’s a gamble but in this case the album is definitely a bet won, a perfect balance between the tradition and a new look to the world of jazz and more importantly, it’s a perfect balance between functionality and freedom. In fact, even tough every soloist has a lot of space to be creative there’s always mutual respect and discipline in the arrangements.


Every composition is like a landscape where the listener travel to, albeit in their imagination. Personally, I was impressed by the texture of the music and by the arrangements of the brass which seem to call each other like an echo. The arrangements, all written by the Carmenati, are simply remarkable. The depth of the counterpoint is incredible and underscores the choice to have five wind instruments. It’s a sort of brand which identifies the direction of the Octet, never selfish but talented. In this sense the rhythm section offers perfect functional support, always present like a strong stone. Carmenati plays lyrical bass lines which intertwine perfectly with the melodies played by the brass, a sort of counterpoint within the counterpoint, well thought out and rational, but never banal. His leadership results even more clearly in the fact that he plays one solo on the entire album.

I confess to be in love with Maria Schneider’s music (every human being has some weakness) so, when I started listening to this project, she came to my mind. I don’t like to compare artists or to label a single project but my feeling, in terms of emotions, is that we are in presence of a Mediterranean version of a similar ide and I really like it.

Yes, if you are familiar with the center of Italy you will recognize some aspects of these wonderful landscapes in Carmenati’s compositions. “In the afternoon” is a perfect example; it reminds me those warm afternoons in the summer when we used to run out immediately after lunch to play football.

I strongly recommend this album, it’s an album of feelings and emotions where you can find the right balance between technique and heart, between past and future and hopefully some nice memory will have room in your imagination.

Gianludovico Carmenati -double bass, arrangements | Cesare Vincenti, Samuele Garofoli – trumpet and flicorn | Massimo Morganti – trombone | Simone La Maida -alto sax & flute | Marco Postacchini -tenore sax, flute and bass clarinet | Stefano Coppari – electric and acoustic guitar | Massimo Manzi – drums

Track Listing:
Lamdscape | 2. Berlin Promenade | 3. Ecken | 4. In the afternoon | 5. Exit song | 6. New tune | 7. Waiting | 8. Partly cloud | 9. Fast life

Release Date: January 2021
Format: CD | Digital
Label: RaRa Records

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Last modified: February 11, 2021