The Legendary ‘People Band’ are making a rare European performance in Berlin

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On Sunday 14th October the legendary People Band are making a rare European performance at Berlin ’s contemporary music venue ‘exploratorium’.  Formed in the late 1960’s the band has been at the forefront of improvised music for over 50 years.  The Berlin performance features 6 of the original members, Terry Day, percussion – Mike Figgis, trumpet & guitar – Paul Jolly, bass clarinet & saxophone – Davey Payne, Flute & saxophone – George Khan, flute & saxophones – Charlie Hart, bass and violin.

All of the members have had success with other bands/genres but their shared love of improvisation has kept the band together and recent performances have included UK appearances at Kings Place, the Royal Opera House, Cafe Oto and the Vortex etc.

Terry Day has worked with diverse groups such as ‘Alterations’ and with musicians Evan Parker, John Tchicai etc.  Mike Figgis is best known for he is work as a film director including the Oscar nominated ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ and many other award winning movies.  His film ’Stormy Monday’ also featured the Krakow Jazz Ensemble which included Day, Jolly, Hart and Payne.  Paul Jolly has worked with many improvisers and dancers including Maggie Nicols John Russell, Mike Adcock, dancer Julia Cheng etc and was a member of the ’80’s cult progressive rock group ’Sweet Slag”.  Davey Payne is best known for being the saxophonist with the great Ian Drury and the Blockheads for whom he created many compositions.  George Khan was an original member and apart from work with the likes of Mike Westbrook, Pete Browns ‘Battered Ornaments’ and others went on to be an actor and musician with the People Show Theatre group.  Charlie Hart is known for his work with ‘Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance’  the Chris Jagger Band and the late Dick Heckstall-Smith.

Terry Day – drums, percussion
Mike Figgis – trumpet, flugelhorn, electric guitar
Charlie Hart – double bass, electric bass, violin
George Khan – saxophones, flute
Paul Jolly – bass clarinet, saxophones, flute
Davey Payne – saxophones, flute

Photo Credit: Rena Perabolli

Last modified: October 10, 2018