Ola Onabule | Love Again

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Love Again is the new Single from Ola Onabule’s latest album “It’s The Peace That Deafens”. The clip was recorded in Italy and was Directed by Valerio Filardo. The single is available on iTunes and can be downloaded here : http://bit.ly/OlaOnabule

It’s The Peace That Deafens is Ola Onabule’s 8th studio album and is as much a work of exploration as it is a declaration. 12 evocative songs about identity, reconciliation and nostalgia. Words, melodies and rhythms that walk a delicate tightrope of paradoxes, born of both a childhood and adulthood immersed in two disparate cultures, two different continents and two different times. Ola’s mood is as resolute and certain as it is cautious and measured, suggesting the truth of the old adage: “The more you learn, the less you know for certain.

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Last modified: August 2, 2018