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This coming autumn, German trumpeter Thimo Niesterok gears up to release his third album, “Stepping Forward,” on October 20th, 2023, on the  Mons Records label.

Niesterok, one of the few trumpeters in Germany wholly dedicated to the art of swing music, returns to breathe new life into classic swing-era staples, all while adding his own creative touch with three original compositions. Joining him on this musical adventure are three of the most sought-after musicians in the German jazz swing scene: Thilo Wagner, Rolf Marx, and Henning Gailing. The result is an album set to warm the hearts of swing enthusiasts and beyond.

Prior to the release of the album on 20 October, Thimo will be releasing a series of singles and video’s. The first single, “I Didn’t Know What Time It Was,” saw the light of day on September 8th, with today, the second single and video aptly titled “‘Tis Autumn” being released. The third and final single is set for release on October 6th so keep an eye out for this.


Both video’s were recorded in the studio during the sessions. “‘Tis Autumn,” a Henry Nemo standard famously recorded by Nat King Cole, highlights Rolf Marx once again, showcasing his formidable skills on the guitar, while bassist Henning Gailing steps into the spotlight with a lyrical solo while “I Didn’t Know What Time It Was,” a Richard Rogers classic, may be a simple melody, but Niesterok and Wagner imbue their single choruses with soulful depth.


Following his 2017 debut album, “First Clambake,” and the successful 2019 release, “Two Talkin’ Horns,” a collaborative project with the renowned trombonist Dan Barrett, Niesterok presents “Stepping Forward.” Reflecting on his latest endeavor, Niesterok shares, “The first two albums taught me valuable lessons. However, in the wake of the Covid era, I sensed a new creative urge within me, prompting me to explore uncharted musical territories.” This fresh outlook led him to collaborate with esteemed musicians, including pianist Thilo Wagner, guitarist Rolf Marx, and bassist Henning Gailing, all of whom command respect in both the German and global swing music scenes.

The album’s selection of repertoire mirrors a guiding philosophy that runs throughout the entire recording: a deep-rooted desire to curate a collection of songs characterized by their enchanting melodies, providing a delightful experience for musicians to perform and, in turn, eliciting positive emotions from the audience.

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Last modified: September 22, 2023