Documentary: 6 Doin’ Jazz, A Journey Beyond Labels

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“6 Doin’ Jazz” is a captivating 2023 music documentary that delves into the world of jazz through the lens of an extraordinary sextet. Featuring internationally acclaimed musicians such as Emile Parisien, Theo Croker, Nasheet Waits, and Joe Martin, the film takes viewers on an intimate journey, both on stage and behind the scenes. Scheduled for release on December 19th on YouTube, the documentary promises to be a unique exploration of jazz in the modern era.

The documentary comes at a crucial time, asking essential questions about the relevance of jazz in 2023. Is it too old-fashioned, too vintage, or perhaps perceived as elitist? The filmmakers, through the lens of the sextet, aim to dispel these notions by presenting jazz as a dynamic and accessible genre. By choosing YouTube as the platform and employing a robust social media strategy, they are breaking down barriers, declaring that jazz is not just alive but more vibrant than ever.


Set against the backdrop of the uncertain post-pandemic era between 2021 and 2022, “6 Doin’ Jazz” captures the making and touring of Emile Parisien’s latest album, “Louise.” The sextet, comprised of Emile Parisien (soprano saxophone), Theo Croker (trumpet), Roberto Negro (piano), Manu Codjia (electric guitar), Nasheet Waits (drums), and Joe Martin (double bass), brings together diverse personalities with distinct views on jazz theory but a shared passion in practice.

The documentary unfolds as an extraordinary encounter, showcasing the richness and diversity of these musicians. It transcends the boundaries of jazz, portraying it as a living, breathing entity that defies labels. From powerful solos to collective communions, the film captures the essence of jazz, proving that it’s more than just a genre; it’s a universal language.

Emile Parisien, a key figure in the French jazz scene, has evolved into a complex artist with a sharp mind. From his rise as an alto and soprano saxophonist in Marciac at the turn of the millennium to exploring tradition and history, Parisien’s journey reflects a dedication to jazz that goes beyond superficial appearances.

As the central figure in the documentary, Emile reflects on the creation of “Louise” and the exceptional collaboration that brought it to life. With a nod to his diverse ensemble, including the up-and-coming Theo Croker and seasoned legends Nasheet Waits and Joe Martin, Parisien describes the album as a collective effort, emphasizing accessible choruses over individual solos. The album, and consequently the documentary, captures the essence of jazz as a dynamic and collaborative art form that can even border on the pop genre.

Solange Brousse, the director and author of “6 Doin’ Jazz,” provides insights into the documentary’s narrative. She emphasizes that the film isn’t just about jazz or a specific album; instead, it’s an intimate portrayal of six talented musicians creating art together. Brousse focuses on the musicians’ relationships with their instruments, their experiences on stage, and the universal themes of passion and exchange. Through musical passages that follow the concert setlist, the film narrates the story of the music itself.

The documentary is brought to life by the talented team at “The Swing,” a boutique storytelling editorial and content production company founded by Rémi Sanna. With a background in music and a degree from the Sorbonne, Sanna and his team at The Swing provide comprehensive support, from production to distribution strategy. Solange Brousse, the director and author, brings her expertise as a journalist and creative director to the project, while Jérôme Brousse, the director of photography and editor, adds his skills honed through various projects, including award-winning documentaries focused on environmental solutions.

In conclusion, “6 Doin’ Jazz” promises to be more than a documentary about music; it’s an exploration of the human connection to instruments, the passion for performance, and the universal language that is jazz. With a diverse ensemble of musicians and a team of passionate producers, the film captures the essence of jazz in 2023, proving that it’s a genre that transcends time, labels, and expectations.

The Players:
Emile Parisien, saxophone | Nasheet Waits, drums | Theo Croker, trumpet | Roberto Negro, piano | Manu Codjia, guitar | Joe Martin, double bass

Rémi Sanna, Producer | Solange Brousse – Director, Author | Jérôme Brousse – Director Of Photography (DOP) & Editor

Last modified: December 19, 2023