Matthias Schwengler, Soulcrane & Strings

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Soulcrane & Strings is the latest album by Cologne based trumpet player Matthias Schwengler and follows his 2020 release “Another Step We Take”. Released on the 9th of September 2022 via German jazz label Mons Records, Soulcrane & Strings, as the name suggests, adds a string quartet to the bands standard line-up of trumpet, saxophone, guitar and bass.

The string quartet on this album is somewhat unconventional in the fact that the line-up consists of three cellos and two violas instead of the standard string quartet line-up of two violins viola and cello. The soundscape created by this line-up is darker and blends seamlessly with the horns. Matthias explained “The decision to record a new album directly after the release of our second album in 2020 was largely due to the Corona Pandemic There were no concerts and I looked for inspiration in other things. It has been my lifelong dream to make an album with a large string orchestra at some stage in my career and this line-up is the first step in that direction.”


Matthias formed Soulcrane at the beginning of 2015 together with Matthew Halpin (saxophone) Reza Askari (double bass) and Philipp Brämswig (guitar). Schwengler describes the bands music as Chamber Jazz and this album cements this concept further. The addition of the strings and the wonderfully crafted arrangements adds an extra dimension to the music with the strings forming an  integral part of the melodic and harmonic soundscape presented on the album.

Matthais Schwengler and Soulcrane have already established a unique sound in the world of jazz and this album takes this to the next level. Soulcrane and strings will be released on both CD and of course all streaming and download platforms.

Find out more about this release and other releases from Mons Records here at their website.

Track Listing:
1. From East Coast To West Coast | 2. Pirins Pearls | 3. Mariya And Her Stout | 4. Chip And Dale | 5. Maex | 6. Chania | 7. Barley Wine | 8. Consolation One | 9. Two Bodhi Tree Leaves

Matthias Schwengler, trumpet | Matthew Halpin, saxophone | Reza Askari, double bass | Philipp Brämswig, guitar | Pauline Buss, viola | Radek Stawartz, viola | Marie-Louise Wundling, cello | Nathen Bondtrager, cello | David Schutte, cello

Release Date: 9 September 2022
Format: CD | Digital
Label: Mons Records

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