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With over 90% of music being consumed these days on streaming platforms and the majority of this on Spotify it’s no wounder this platform has become the most important artist discovery tool of all time.

But, with more than 50 million tracks available, the listener often asks themselves “how do I find the music I want to hear?”, Let’s face it Spotify’s search function is not the great. Well ask no more, the team here at Jazz In Europe have created a series of Spotify playlists that you can follow.

Recently we created our “New Release” playlist to highlight the latest new releases featured on the website along with other great new music we hear about on the grapevine. This playlist has proved very popular among our readers and many have asked if we could create a series of playlists not just related to new releases. Well, we never shying away from readers requests, we’ve now created a series of  playlists for you to enjoy. These range from our latest list simply titled “Discover Jazz” through to genres such as Latin Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Jazz Piano Trio’s, Fusion and many more.

For our readers who are also fans of the blues we’ve created two great playlists titled “Discover Blues” and one that dives back to the roots with the legends of the Delta Blues. Below we’ve listed some of our current playlists alone with a brief description of what you’ll find there. You can also find them in our main menu under the tab “Playlists“.

New Releases

The Jazz In Europe New Release playlist features tracks from the latest releases featured on Jazz In Europe. Updated weekly, this playlist is the perfect place to discover great new music from the leading jazz musicians currently on the scene.



Discover Jazz

This playlist contains a selection of some of the best cutting edge instrumental jazz music of today. The playlist contains music from many artists you already know as well as some lesser known artists that we believe you should know. The list is up-dated monthly.



Jazz Vocals

A playlist for all those fans of vocal jazz. This playlist features tracks by some of the best and most creative vocalists currently on global jazz scene. This playlist is curated by the team here at Jazz In Europe and is updated monthly so the list is always up to date the latest releases.



Latin Jazz & Bossa Nova

Our most popular playlist to date, Latin Jazz & Bossa Nova is a must for lovers of Latin Jazz. The playlist features tracks ranging from the classic Bossa Nova of the 60’s through to the latest Afro Cuban music of the New York scene and all points in between. Curated by Jan Veldman the list is updated monthly.



Jazz Piano Trios

A playlist featuring some of today’s best Jazz Piano Music fully in the tradition of the great piano trios throughout history. Curated by Andrew Read and updated regularly this is a great place to discover new music.



Classic Jazz

Timeless classics and few surprises, this  playlist  includes iconic Jazz Classics from the 1950’s and 1960’s. By the end of the 1940’s the nervous energy and tension of bebop gave way to the birth of the cool. Featuring classic tracks from the greatest jazz musicians of the day this is a great playlist to evoke the nostalgia of the good old days.



Jazz Fusion

The Jazz In Europe Jazz Fusion playlist features the best instrumental Jazz Fusion from the 1970’s to the present. This playlist includes not only the classic tracks that defined the genre but also new music and tracks from lessor know artists the deserve more recognition. We hope you enjoy this selection.



Smooth Jazz Mix

Find your favourite songs and artists and experience the best of smooth jazz with the Jazz In Europe “Smooth Jazz Mix” playlist. Perfect for that relaxed and intimate night in. Switch on the “Cruise Control” and grab a good vibe with the Super Smooth Jazz In Europe Playlist.



Discover Blues

This playlist titled “Discover Blues” needs no explanation. Featuring a selection of iconic tracks from the legends of the blues including the three the kings (Albert, BB and Freddie) through to today’s hero’s. This list is perfect for all lovers of the blues, so settle in and see what happens when the blues come calling with it’s calling card.



Delta Blues

Take a trip down to the crossroads for a dose of blues from the Mississippi Delta. This playlist features recordings from blues legends and many of the lesser known bluesman that have been forgotten over the years. This list is full of iconic recordings from the legends of of the Mississippi Delta.



These are just a selection of the Jazz In Europe playlists. To see all of our current lists visit our “Spotify” Playlist page. There you can preview all of of lists on page or even better, click the follow button and listen directly on Spotify. Remember, while your there click the ♥ icon and give the list a “Like”, the list will then appear in your library so you can always find it back. We hope you enjoy this selection.

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Our playlists are curated by the team at Jazz In Europe. If you’ve got a great tip for a track or artist to include in one of our play-lists drop us a line and we will be happy to check it out.

Last modified: April 26, 2020