All About Jazz – a mission to identify the world’s top jazz venues.

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All About Jazz is on a mission to identify the world’s top jazz venues. Recently, the platform created a poll that allows jazz fans from around the world to vote for their favorite jazz venues.

Nearly 2,000 voters have weighed in and we wanted to give you a chance to ensure your favorite European venues are represented. The poll is open for voting until the 31st of March 2019; Ronnie Scott’s is currently #1 with Vortex Jazz Club a close second.

Voting is simple. To get started, go to All About Jazz voter form here and select up to five venues where you like to hear live jazz. After you vote, you can view the up-to-the-minute rankings: top 100 in the world, top US-only, and top Europe-only. You can also filter results by city to view every venue that has received a vote to date.

At the conclusion of poll, All About Jazz will publish the results and distribute an award graphic to the winning venues. The top US and top European venue will also receive a promotional package including a free premium venue page and a free event spotlight ad.

Last modified: March 14, 2019