Gig Review – Macy Gray live at Ronnie Scott’s

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After attending and reviewing the Stefano Bollani gig at Ronnie’s. Once again I found myself sitting at Ronnies bar, this time on a very perilously wobbly stall waiting anxiously for the appearance of Ms Macy Gray. Her unique raucous voice took the crowd to a different level, applauding from the first note she sang, a diverse playlist and a very talented band, Gray took to the Ronnies stage and performance with a suave and slightly feline charm.

Playing tracks from her new album “Ruby” (on Mack Avenue), Gray was inciting audience participation from the moment she stepped on stage, “I thought we were going to a party together?…” and referring to drinking with “What doesn’t kill you, makes you start drinking..” (laughter), she was comfortable in her skin and voice. Wearing a beautiful flowing long dress, she also sang a reggae sounding version of “She ain’t right for you” (from her 3rd album “The Trouble with Being Myself”) as well as “Shinanigans”. Going back a good few years, Gray made the whole room explode with a marvellous performance of her hit single “I try”, I looked around and everyone was dancing, even the staff! The power of Ms Gray had hit the room again.

And somehow, it was clear that the audience forgave her for what seemed a too long disappearance backstage mid-performance with her vocalists, meantime we were treated to some great solos by the drummer and the bass player, and when she returned, clad in a long sleeveless black dress, her audience roared and went along with her again. Easy.

A rapturous finale with a slick rendition of “Brass in pocket”, everyone was standing up dancing and clapping.
A definite sellout!

Line-up: Macy Gray – Vocals; Tamir Barzilay – Drums; Alexander Kyhn – Bass; William Wesson – Keys/Vocals; Jonathan Jackson – Keys/ Sax/ Vocals; Kayla Starr – Back vocalist; Tamika Peoples – Back vocals; Andre Holmes – Guitar/Trumpet

Writer: Erminia Yardley

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Photo credits: Carl Hyde

Last modified: November 30, 2018