Aubrey Logan – Super tones, cartwheels and some fun, too.

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I have to confess I was not aware of Aubrey Logan a few months ago, but whilst looking at the forthcoming Ronnie Scott’s schedule, her gig write-up attracted my attention for a few reasons: the fact that she is female artist and I always try to support all the sisters out there, the fact that the publicity photo on the Ronnie’s brochure depicts her with a trombone in her hand and the simple fact she sings AND writes her own compositions (always a plus).

So there was I sitting at my usual corner seat at the bar on Saturday night when Ms Logan steps on to the stage all dressed in white with a perfectly coiffed hairdo.   I was immediately intrigued.

The gig opens with MC Hammer’s cover of “Can’t touch this” which, I have to admit, makes the start of the show a rather slow and strange one.   I am starting to hesitate and getting ready to admit to myself oh no, what have I done, when lo and behold, Logan and her band start coming up with clever renditions and originals, which, just like the “Remembering Song” for example, (written by Logan), a funny piece about broken relationships.   There are also high-pitched pieces like the famous “Habanera” (L’amour est un oiseau rebelle) from Bizet’s opera, Carmen.   Logan’s high notes are indeed impressive.  At times, she reminds me of Marcella Detroit (the other half of Shakespeare’s Sister) such is the power in her voice, distinctive nevertheless.

Logan, now based in Los Angeles, is a young artist whom, when facing an English audience like the one at Ronnies on Saturday night, manages to be funny, intelligent and rather acrobatic, too (more of this in a moment).  Her rapport with the crowd is in fact incredible, she captures all, keeps the attention going and makes everyone laugh and clap.

Aubrey Logan @ Ronnie Scott's - Photo © Carl Hyde

Aubrey Logan @ Ronnie Scott’s – Photo © Carl Hyde

I overhear someone say that she “should stick to her own material and not mess around with other stuff”… uhm, I am wondering whether that is a bit too harsh, bearing in mind Logan has only just started the show, but I guess one cannot please everyone.   She “redeems” herself with more singing and performing with her trombone: refreshingly confident and, on reflection, a perfect instrument for her.  Another track, “Pistol”, which is also included on her debut album “Impossible” (released last year in October), is full of theatrics, great singing and some dancing.

A little interlude sees Logan leave the stage; the audience is left in the capable hands of pianist Tania Ilyashova for some tunes playing, then as quickly as she left the stage, Aubrey Logan returns, this time dressed in a black top with white dots, black shorts and red stilettoes.   A look reminiscent of the 50’s.

After a while, it all becomes obvious.   The reason for the trainers and the shorts is not just because she is a talented musician and singer but she is also an acrobat!  A couple of perfect cartwheels show just another way Logan can entice the audience.

For a show that had a bit of a slow start, Logan and co. produced a great performance after all.   And just because she is the kind of funny type, Logan then treats the audience to a rendition of  “Alfie” as her encore.  Cheeky piece, great voice, all in all a very good and different show!

Line up:           Aubrey Logan – Trombone/ Lead Vocals
Dave Johnstone – Drums/ MD. Tania Ilyashova – Piano/ Keys. Joel Gottschalk – Bass. Verushka George – BVs // Kat Deal – BVs

WordsErminia Yardley Photos © Carl Hyde YT Video: Aubrey Logan Channel

Last modified: July 16, 2018