What happened at the crossroads: Blues legend and his deal with the Devil

Written by | Seen Elsewhere

Martin Chalakoski published this great article on the “Vintage News” website about Blues legend Robert Johnson. We all know the Faustian legend that surrounds Robert Johnson and the many songs it inspired but what really happend at the crossroads? It’s exactly this that Chalakoski focuses on in his article. A great read for all fans of Robert Johnson and Delta Blues in general.

VINTAGE NEWS: “The story takes us to the 1930s and the Deep South. Legend has it that Robert Johnson, the King of the Delta Blues and the very first rock star, did just such a thing. As a young man from Mississippi, aspiring to be humanity’s greatest ever guitar player, and desperate because he didn’t feel he was even close, Johnson apparently met Satan at a crossroad where he offered his soul in exchange for extraordinary talent, and ultimately an exit from his pitiful life.” Read the article here.

Last modified: July 15, 2018