Uli Beckerhoff, Artistic Director of jazzahead! – Shares some key benefits of attending in 2017

Listen in on part 2 of my informative podcast interview with Uli Beckerhoff, the artistic director for jazzahead! With a jazz career spanning 50 plus years, Uli Beckerhoff explains some of the many key benefits musicians and business experience, travelling from far and wide to the largest european jazz trade fair and showcase festival. Held in Bremen, Germany at the end of April 2017.

For all the News, Trade Fair Info, Showcase Artists and Musical Programs visit: http://jazzahead.de/en/

Main image: Frank Pusch – Sidebar: jazzahead!

Intro and Exit podcast Music excerpts
from “Honey Runs” by Paola Vera

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Now celebrating his 70th youthful year with a 50+ year musical career, Uli Beckerhoff’s musical lineage and fascinating life can be hard to quantify, fortunately and very occasionally you get to use a summary word as the descriptive – “Inimitable.”  

Last modified: April 28, 2017