Ola Onabulé | Podcast Interview

Check out our very own inhouse JazzTalk.News podcast series for 2019 with our very own knowledgeable editor In chief – Nigel J.

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This is the fouth in a series of JazzOrato podcasts, meet the musician behind the music, informative interviews by Nigel J. We hope it becomes a popular platform for the readership of JazzinEurope.com

Ola is a meaningful musical artist, warm-hearted and gracious. I was looking forward to spending some quality time with him and I was not disappointed. Ola immediately felt like a kindred-spirit easily giving back the authentic informative engagement I was seeking. We touched on many areas of his life’s experience including the source of his love for music and the complexity of his native language – Yoruba with its hidden vocal benefits. His return to the U.K., as a transitioning 17-year-old teenager and how he now recognises the hidden benefits of those challenges as part of his musical expression. Hear about the back-story behind Ola’s thought provoking lyrics. Let’s not forget about the Toys Ola uses and the importance they play for a performing singer. If you are in London for Nov 23/24
Ola is playing at St. James Theatre.

I got lost and fully into our chat actually forgetting the microphone and ancillary platforms needed to cross the time zones – It felt great!

To find out more about Ola Onabulé, read this feature article and make a visit to his website: www.ola-onabule.co.uk

To purchase his album – It’s The Peace That Deafens, please go to: iTunes | Amazon

Images, video and music
courtesy of Ola Onabule & Dot Time Records

Stay tuned for the next podcast recording!

Kind regards – Nigel J. Editor in Chief at Jazz in Europe

Last modified: April 25, 2020