Tolyqyn’s “Silver Seed”, A Sonic Journey Beyond Borders

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Never confined by the borders of any musical genre, Tolyqyn makes a triumphant return with their latest offering, “Silver Seed.” Led by the visionary bandleader and composer Roland Satterwhite, whose unique pizzicato viola sound draws inspiration from the Ngoni Gnawa tradition, this trio takes us on a mesmerizing voyage through a kaleidoscope of influences that have shaped their musical odysseys around the globe.

“Silver Seed” is a remarkable departure from the trio’s 2020 debut, embracing a more eclectic and studio-centric approach. The album opens with the hauntingly beautiful “Bella Coola,” featuring Satterwhite’s spine-tingling falsetto alongside a gospel-like chorus of voices. This track, inspired by a flood in Satterwhite’s birth region in Canada, reaches its zenith with a soul-stirring saxophone performance by Regis Molina, known for his work with luminaries like Tony Allen and Jimi Tenor.

Throughout the album’s eight tracks, Tolyqyn skillfully weaves a tapestry of stories. These compositions are a testament to the trio’s commitment to the art of songwriting while still embracing the rhapsodic and expansive freedom of improvisation.

At the core of Tolyqyn’s sound is Roland Satterwhite’s enchanting viola, often processed through an octave-doubling effect, which ingeniously takes on roles akin to a rhythm guitar and bass. This provides the perfect canvas for guitarist Tal Arditis to craft improvised harmonies that add layers of depth and intrigue.

The trio’s sonic explorations extend to their choice of drummers, including Pier Ciaccio, Peter Somos, and Rafat Muhammad. Each drummer brings their own distinct timbre, style, and personality to the mix. Somos infuses jazz sensibility, Muhammad contributes Afrobeat and syncopated feels, while Ciaccio’s ethereal, club-vibe aesthetics enrich the album’s sonic palette. Tolyqyn’s embrace of diversity, both in their music and lyrics, encourages listeners to embark on a journey of discovery.

“SIlver Seed” offers listeners a diverse range of musical landscapes. Tracks like “Puppert Man” blend poetic lyrics with an infusion of Afrobeat, creating a captivating sonic blend. “Goldmine” is a standout track that skillfully melds Afrobeat with American roots music, an unexpected combination that proves to be a highlight of the album. “Given the Chance” defies easy categorization, once again merging American roots influences with intricate rhythms, showcasing the trio’s boundary-pushing creativity.

From a production perspective, “Silver Seed” shines brightly. The vocal performances throughout the album are nothing short of mesmerizing. The production quality is exceptional, immersing the listener in a rich sonic tapestry that constantly evolves and surprises.

In conclusion, Tolyqyn’s “Silver Seed” defies categorization, but it excels in every aspect. This album is a testament to the trio’s unwavering commitment to pushing musical boundaries while delivering a captivating and thought-provoking sonic journey. “Silver Seed” is not just an album; it’s an experience. Highly recommended for those who seek musical innovation and a celebration of diversity in sound.

“Silver Seed” is available on CD and all major streaming platforms.

Roland Satterwhite: vocals, alt viola, composition | Tal Arditi: guitar | Pier Ciaccio, Peter Somos and Rafat Muhammad: drums | Regis Molina: saxophone

Track Listing:
1 Bella Coola | 2 Puppetman | 3 Goldmine | 4 Silver Seed | 5 Given The Chance | 6 Tell Me | 7 Inside Your Head | 8 Celebration Day

Release Date: 20 October 2023
Format: CD | Streaming
Label: Hay!Blau Records

Last modified: November 23, 2023