Joshua Espinoza Trio | Journey Into Night

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Announcing the debut release from the Joshua Espinoza Trio, Journey Into Night. The trio’s unique interpretations of pop hits are accompanied by Espinoza’s haunting original compositions, with feet planted firmly between classical style and jazz improvisation.

The album takes listeners from the rhythmic struts of Strayhorn’s Take the “A” Train, to the laid back groove of the Beatles classic In My Life, to the sweeping landscape of the American folksong Shenandoah. On this, their debut album, the Joshua Espinoza Trio establishes their footprint as a chamber ensemble as much as a jazz trio, beckoning listeners to heed the invitation of the titular phrase and take a sonic Journey Into Night.

In a review published on this platform, Andrew Read stated “While the entire album is excellent, it’s the original compositions that struck me the most with this recording. Throughout the album it’s clear that Espinoza is in full control. Both Mikel Combs and Jaron Lamar Davis, provide a solid basis for Espinoza to work off yet also have their own voice within the whole giving this album a strong conversational aspect. With this debut album Joshua Espinoza his created a self inflicted dilemma, “Journey into Night” will be a tough act to follow however a challenge I’m sure he’s up for. In my opinion Journey into Night is a “must have” album, highly recommended.”

Joshua Espinoza: piano | Mikel Combs: bass | Jaron Lamar Davis: drums.

Track Listing:
1. Always Something there To Remind Me | 2. In My Life | 3. Streetlight Serenade | 4. Nocturne For Anna Marie | 5. Take The A Train | 6. Shenandoah | 7. Unwelcome Dream | 8. Birdsong | 9. Desperado.

Release Date: June 14th, 2019
Format: CD | Digital
Label: Self Produced




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