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Bosco is the Debut release from British drummer Dave Story. Joining Dave on this album are his longtime stage-mates, James Allsopp (saxophone) and Conor Chaplin (double bass). The trio has been active for over 4 years and this is evident in the level of interplay displayed on the recording. This release features the classic tenor trio format championed by the likes of Sonny Rollins and throughout the album, it’s clear that the three musicians were enjoying the harmonic freedom the format affords. The album is without a doubt rooted in the mainstream however there is a uniqueness in the vocabulary that can be heard for example in the title track “Bosco” and the straight eight infused ‘Old Blue Nose” that verges on a Boogaloo feel.

The recording quality is top notch with all instruments sounding as they should. A special mention on this point is the superb bass sound, combine this with Chaplin’s solid lines and well-crafted solo’s and one can only say this album is a bass players delight. With the entire album being recorded direct to two-track analogue tape, Bosco captures the vibe of classic jazz recordings from the 50’s however without the blemishes we used to have to take for granted. This method of recording adds an extra dimension to the performances capturing the trio in what is in effect a live situation however the process also brings with it extra challenges for the musicians. I think it’s clear to say that the trio had no difficulty at all in rising to the challenge.

The album is out on Vinyl and available as a Digital Download and on all streaming platforms. Bosco is an excellent album and for those fans of the “Tenor Trio” format I would say a must have.


Worldwide Release: 29th March 2019
Format: Vinyl | Digital Download | Streaming
Label: Impossible Ark Records

Line Up: James Allsopp Saxophone | Conor Chaplin Double Bass | Dave Storey Drums

Track Listing

Side A
1. Big Chicken 3.07 | 2. The Sun is Big 4.23 | 3. A Flower is a Lovesome Thing 4:49 | 4. Cautious Tortoise 2.59 | 5. Twisty 3.29

Side B
1. Bosco 5:11 | 2. Lumpy Bunny 3.01 | 3. Old Blue Nose 5.14 | 4. Yo-Yo 3:58

More information at Dave Storey’s website.



Last modified: May 6, 2019