The Inimitable Uli Beckerhoff – Part 1

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Now celebrating his 70th youthful year with a 50+ year musical career, Uli Beckerhoff’s musical lineage and fascinating life can be hard to quantify, fortunately, and very occasionally you get to use a summary word as the descriptive – “Inimitable.”

When presented with the gift of spending one-to-one time with this busy matchless individual, you rearrange your calendar. My gift was 2 -hours of quality, enjoyable exchange with a person who has helped define the Jazz scene in his native Germany and beyond. Listen in to part 1 and find out more about this fascinating personality. Part 2 will be published later this month and is all about Uli’s role as artistic director of jazzahead! Uli give insight into some of the many key benefits musicians and business have received attending previous years of the jazzahed!  Roll on jazzahead! 2017…

Checkout Uli’s two latest albums: ‘Changes’ (from 1983) ‘Heroes’ and ‘Heroes Live’ (DVD)

Uli Bekerhoff is celebrating his 70th year in the best way possible, by sharing himself and his musical prowess in various concerts which are listed below:

Musician Biography & Video: Uli Beckerhoff

Images: Gerhard Richter, Frank Pusch, Andreas Leve, Rolf Schollkopf and Michael Radermacher for Podcast Image.

Podcast Music credits: Intro – Das Helle Hoeren – Heroes Album (Uli Beckerhoff) Exit: Honey Runs – Spellbound Album (Paola Vera)

Last modified: May 28, 2019