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In the heart of London’s vibrant Soho district lies a true gem of the jazz world – Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. This iconic venue has been a mecca for music lovers and jazz enthusiasts for over six decades, earning a reputation as one of the most prestigious and influential jazz clubs in the world. Its storied history is woven into the fabric of London’s rich cultural tapestry.

The origins of Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club can be traced back to 1959, when saxophonist Ronnie Scott and his business partner, Pete King, opened the doors to their modest basement club on Gerrard Street. What began as a humble venture quickly blossomed into a legendary institution, attracting the finest jazz talents from around the globe. The club’s intimate atmosphere, impeccable acoustics, and unwavering commitment to showcasing the best in jazz created an unparalleled experience for both performers and audiences alike.

Throughout its illustrious history, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club has played host to some of the most iconic names in jazz. From the legendary Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie to modern-day virtuosos like Wynton Marsalis and Esperanza Spalding, the club’s stage has been graced by a veritable who’s who of the jazz world. Each performance has been a unique and unforgettable experience, with the club’s intimate setting allowing for a deep connection between the artists and their audience.

Beyond its role as a premier jazz venue, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club has also served as a nurturing ground for emerging talents. Many aspiring musicians have had the opportunity to hone their craft on the club’s hallowed stage, benefiting from the guidance and mentorship of seasoned veterans. This commitment to fostering the next generation of jazz greats has ensured the genre’s continued vitality and relevance in the ever-evolving music landscape.

Today, Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club still stands as a living monument to the enduring spirit of jazz with a legacy that extends far beyond the confines of its walls. Stepping into Ronnie Scott’s you’ll find two stages. The main stage offers an intimate and immersive experience, with shows spread across two sittings. The early show doors open at 5:30 PM for a 6:30 PM start, while the second house welcomes guests at 8:30 PM for a 9:15 PM performance. On Mondays and Tuesdays, there is a single house with doors opening at 6 PM for a 7:30 PM start. Sundays are a special treat, with doors opening at 12 PM and 6:30 PM for a one-sitting show.

Beyond the main stage, Ronnie Scott’s offers a diverse array of experiences. Upstairs @ Ronnie’s is a haven for music lovers, showcasing the best up-and-coming vocalists and instrumentalists on the London scene. Here, guests can indulge in a variety of genres, from jazz and samba to New Orleans and Afro-Cuban rhythms, providing a vibrant and eclectic atmosphere. For those seeking a late-night adventure, the legendary Late Late Show, running from Wednesday to Saturday, is the hottest ticket in town. Hosted by some of London’s coolest artists and stars, this post-dinner destination offers an electrifying experience from 11:15 PM until 3 AM, with tickets costing just £12 in advance and £12-25 on the door.

The month of May at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club promises an exceptional lineup of world-class artists and captivating performances. Tonight, jazz tradition interpreter Camille Thurman will make her London debut, showcasing her remarkable talents as a vocalist, flutist, and tenor saxophonist. Accompanied by renowned drummer Darrell Green and a band featuring trumpeter Wallace Roney, Jr., this performance is sure to be a highlight.[4] Later this week, renowned jazz guitarist Mike Stern presents a fusion-rich project, showcasing dual guitar mastery with Leni Stern and featuring the acclaimed saxophonist Bob Franceschini, backed by the dynamic rhythm section of bassist Hadrien Feraud and drummer Dennis Chambers.

The Julian Siegel Quartet, led by the BBC Jazz Award-winning saxophonist and composer Julian Siegel, takes the stage on Friday, May 17th. Alongside some of this generation’s most distinctive voices, including pianist Liam Noble, drummer Gene Calderazzo, and bassist Oli Hayhurst, this quartet promises an exciting and powerful performance. On Sunday, May 19th, Salena Jones, a central figure on the British jazz scene for over five decades, graces the stage. Having shared the spotlight with legends like Louis Armstrong, Hank Jones, and Sarah Vaughan, Jones’ performance is a testament to her enduring artistry and contribution to the jazz world.

Ronnie Scotts Main Stage | Photo by Carl Hyde

The latter part of May brings even more exceptional talent to Ronnie Scott’s. Bill Evans & the Vansband All Stars, featuring saxophonist Bill Evans, keyboardist John Medeski, bassist Felix Pastorius, and drummer Keith Carlock, promise a unique and highly anticipated collaboration. On May 22nd, renowned big band leader and drummer Ed Richardson joins forces with Grammy-winning vocalist Kurt Elling, lauded as a “Sinatra with superpowers” by The Guardian, for a captivating performance featuring pieces from Elling’s collection. The month concludes with performances by virtuoso pianist Joe Webb, acclaimed vocalist Jane Monheit, and South African singer Tutu Puoane, who will present her original and glowing repertoire inspired by the poetry of Lebogang Mashile.

Below are our picks for concerts that in our mind are must see’s for the rest of May. More Information and tickets can be found at the here at the venues website.

Tonight, Saturday 11th May, 8.30pm
Camille Thurman
£35.00 – £50.00

Jazz tradition interpreter Camille Thurman, renowned for her vocals, flute and tenor sax talents, is set to debut in London. She’s teamed up with New York drummer, Darrell Green, to form a band that includes revered trumpeter Wallace Roney, Jr.

Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th May, 5.30pm & 8.30pm
Mike Stern Band
£40.00 – £60.00

Renowned jazz guitarist Mike Stern presents a fusion-rich project, showcasing dual guitar mastery with Leni Stern and enhanced by famed saxophonist Bob Franceschini. The dynamic duo of bassist Hadrien Feraud and drummer Dennis Chambers underpin the music.

Friday 17th May, 5.30pm
Julian Siegel Quartet
£35.00 – £50.00

With the Julian Siegel Quartet, the BBC Jazz Award winning saxophonist and composer Julian Siegel can be heard alongside some of this generation’s most distinctive voices including pianist Liam Noble, drummer Gene Calderazzo and bassist Oli Hayhurst. Unquestionably one of the UK’s most exciting and powerful jazz quartets.

Sunday 19th May, 12.00pm
Salena Jones
£15.00 – £25.00

During the past five decades, Salena has been a central figure on the British jazz scene. In 1965, she was booked for the first time at Ronnie Scott’s for two weeks but, such was the audience reaction that she was held over for another week, and then another, eventually appearing for seven consecutive weeks – still a record after all this time. Salena has sung with Louis Armstrong, Hank Jones, Ray Brown, Sarah Vaughan, Antonio Carlos Jobim, the BBC Big Band and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, thus moving beyond jazz. She has made forty-three solo albums and twenty two singles since her first recording was released in 1949.

Monday 20th May – Tuesday 21st May 6.00pm
Bill Evans & the Vansband All Stars
£45.00 – £65.00

Featuring saxophonist Bill Evans, keyboardist John Medeski, bassist Felix Pastorius and drummer Keith Carlock. Bill Evans: “We have all played together in different projects over the years, and we are very excited to finally be on the same stage together, as a group, making music. We have talked about this combination of musicians for years and it’s finally happening!

Wednesday 22nd May, 5.30pm & 8.30pm
Ed Richardson Big Band featuring special guest Kurt Elling
£60.00 – £80.00

Renowned big band leader and drummer Ed Richardson and Grammy winning vocalist Kurt Elling are joining forces for a performance featuring pieces from Elling’s collection, arranged by the likes of Bob Mintzer and Michael Abene. Lauded as a “Sinatra with superpowers” by The Guardian, Elling has collaborated with diverse artists including Branford Marsalis and Danilo Perez and groups like The Bob Mintzer Big Band. Richardson, a distinguished UK jazz drummer, frequently performs at Ronnie Scott’s Club and has shared the stage with artists such as Noel Gallagher and Van Morrison.

Tuesday 28th May, 6pm
Joe Webb Trio
£25.00 – £40.00

Joe Webb presents new EP ‘Collblanc’. Accompanied by Will Sach on bass and Sam Jesson on drums, ‘Collblanc’ symbolizes his fresh sonic exploration. As a forward-thinking virtuoso radiating limitless energy, Webb redefines the fusion of conventional and modern jazz piano and is influenced by jazz greats like Fats Waller, Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson and Teddy Wilson.

Wednesday 29th May, 5.30pm & 8.30pm
Jane Monheit
£40.00 – £60.00

Jane Monheit, an acclaimed jazz vocalist, is celebrated for her interpretation of the Great American Songbook. Her career boasts a plethora of solo albums, awards and over 20 years of international touring. She’s collaborated with jazz legends like Tommy Flanagan, Ron Carter, Kenny Barron and others, gaining recognition from her second-place win in the Thelonious Monk competition at just 22.

Thursday 30th May, 5.30pm
Tutu Puoane
£35.00 – £50.00

For just under a decade, South African singer Tutu Puoane walked around with the poetry collection In A Ribbon Of Rhythm by her compatriot Lebogang Mashile under her arm. Her poems made a deep impression on her and every time she read them, she heard music. Together with Belgian pianist Ewout Pierreux, she wrote a slew of new songs based on some of her favourites from Mashile’s collection. The result is an original and glowing repertoire, sounding like her own mix of singer-songwriting, jazz and soul.

Friday 31st May – Saturday 1st June, 5.30pm & 8.30pm
José James present 1978
£45.00 – £60.00

James’ 1978 project combines the US singer’s deep love of jazz and hip-hop with songwriting and production nods to R&B heroes Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson and Leon Ware. “I had a writing session with Leon Ware back in 2009 in LA at his house in Marina Del Rey. He rolled one and we talked for hours about jazz, Motown and Marvin. At one point in the middle of working on a song he said ‘you remind me of me.’ That stayed with me. Of course I asked him a million questions because ‘I Want You’ is my all-time favorite album. I wanted 1978 to feel like he and J Dilla made an album for me.”

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