Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble: stepping up to assist the local musicians

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In the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck southern Turkey in February 2023, the Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble is stepping up to assist the local musicians who have suffered immeasurable losses.

This Friday marks the beginning of a heartfelt initiative as the ensemble embarks on a series of concerts across Turkey, aiming to provide morel support in the areas that have been hurt by the earthquake. Their mission extends further through an ongoing GoFundMe campaign, where they are working diligently to collect donations for purchasing and donating musical instruments to those affected by the tragedy.

The Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble is not only a musical entity but a symbol of solidarity, with strong ties to Antakya, the city most impacted by the earthquake. Two ensemble members have their roots in this area, and the musical essence of their performances is deeply influenced by the rich musical culture of this region. The ensemble stands committed to providing moral and tangible support to the survivors of this calamity, especially focusing on the healing power of music.



In a bid to extend their support, the ensemble is collaborating with the “We Will Return” (Geri Dönecegiz Inisiyatifi) initiative in Antakya. They aim to assist local musicians and young talents who lost everything, including their precious instruments. The Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble recognizes the importance of music in the lives of these artists and aims to help them rebuild and reclaim their passion for music.

Beyond the immediate fundraiser, the ensemble has set ambitious goals. They aspire to establish an arts centre and music school in Antakya in collaboration with the citizens’ initiative “Geri Dönecegiz Inisiyatifi.” This long-term commitment emphasizes ongoing support in the realm of art and music, particularly for children and emerging talent. The ensemble strongly believes in the therapeutic and rejuvenating power of art and music in the aftermath of a severe disaster.


The Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble is renowned for their authentic and inclusive approach to traditional music. Their repertoire encompasses Turkish, Arabic, and Kurdish music, weaving in the flavors of jazz, blues, and classical tunes. The ensemble, composed of talented musicians from diverse backgrounds, offers a unique representation of the Anatolian musical landscape. Their performances resonate with rhythmic expressions and delicate sensitivity, taking listeners on a musical journey through various emotions and life experiences.

The Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble invites music enthusiasts and individuals to join this heartfelt cause. Their GoFundMe campaign is live and actively accepting donations to aid in their mission. Every contribution, big or small, will go a long way in helping musicians rebuild their lives and regain their passion for music.

In addition to the GoFundMe campaign, for those readers in Turkey you can catch the Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble live at dates listed below, where the power of music will be harnessed to uplift those in need.

Supporting this campaign is not only a testament to the resilience of the human spirit but a melody of hope and compassion for those facing the aftermath of a tragic disaster.

Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble Tour Dates:
6 October 2023: Izmir Kültür Park – Izmir – 7:30pm
7 October 2023: Mersin Amfi Tiyatro – Mersin – 8:00pm
8 October 2019: Tomruksuyu Festival Alani – Tomruksuyu Antakya – 8:30pm

You can Support the GoFundMe Campaign her below:





For more information on this project and the Göksel Yilmaz Ensemble can be found here at the bands website.

Last modified: October 5, 2023