Album Preview: Luca Boscagin, Nada Para O Carnaval

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Ubuntu Music is pleased to introduce the forthcoming release of “Nada Para O Carnaval,” the debut album from accomplished Italian guitarist and composer Luca Boscagin. The album is set fore release on August 25th, 2023 and will be available on CD and all streaming platforms.

The band Almanaque consists of trumpeter Quentin Collins, known for his contributions to the works of soul vocalist Omar and saxophonist Brandon Allen, accompanied by the Brazilian bassist Matheus Nova, drummer Raphael Delfino, and percussionist Jensen Santana. Melding seamlessly with Boscagin’s intricate musical vision, this collective delivers a blend of sound, drawing inspiration from Brazilian melodies interwoven with African influences. Almanaque’s distinct sonic tapestry has garnered widespread admiration, captivating audiences across various international stages, including renowned venues such as Ronnie Scott’s, NinetyOne, Cantine de L’Arena / Vapore in Italy, and Pike’s Ibiza.

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Evolving as a cohesive unit over the span of more than eight years, Almanaque’s profound familiarity with each musician’s distinct style and performance nuances is poignantly evident on their latest release. A noteworthy addition to the album is the guest vocalist Camille Bertault, adding vocals to two Chorinhos compositions and delivers a soulful rendition of “Lilia” by the influential Brazilian artist Milton Nascimento, whose creative legacy has significantly influenced Almanaque’s musical journey.

Luca Boscagin offers insight into the inspiration behind the album, expressing, “The allure of Brazilian culture and its musical heritage is an endless source of inspiration and upliftment for me. It serves as a poignant reminder that even amidst challenges, there’s always cause for celebration and gratitude.” Drawing from a recent experience in Brazil, Boscagin recounts a vibrant street parade that served as a Carnival rehearsal. The exuberant display of people from diverse backgrounds uniting to dance, sing, and play traditional tunes left an indelible impression on him. This sense of resilience and joy in the face of adversity resonates deeply within the album’s compositions.

Photo by Silvia Olsen

Further reflecting on the profound impact of cultural diversity, Boscagin shares, “Residing in a bustling metropolis grants me the privilege to connect and collaborate with individuals from across the globe, an enriching experience that we should all embrace. Our lives are enriched by appreciating the simple joys—a sunset, a loved one’s smile, the companionship of a pet, a heartfelt conversation with a friend.” The album is dedicated to the memory of Gaetano Leandro (Leo), a cherished individual in Boscagin’s life. The central message conveyed is encapsulated in the phrase “Nada para o Carnaval” – an embodiment of the unstoppable spirit of celebration and appreciation that should perpetually thrive within us.

In essence, “Nada Para O Carnaval” serves as a musical embodiment of the enduring beauty and resilience found in Brazilian culture, inspiring listeners to seek and cherish moments of jubilation and gratitude, and to embrace the rich tapestry of human diversity that surrounds us.

Luca Boscagin, guitar | Quentin Collins, trumpet | Matheus Nova, bass | Raphael Delfino, drums | Jansen Santana percussion | Camille Bertault vocals (tracks 5, 9, 10)

Track Listing:
1. Nada Para O Carnaval Intro | 2. Botafogo | 3. Dance Of The ‘What If’ | 4. Amuleto | 5. Dupla Personalidade | 6. Rush Hour Chorinho | 7. Milagreiro

Release Date: 25 August
Format: CD | Streaming
Label: Ubuntu Music

Last modified: August 24, 2023