Jazz in Art: In Conversation with Chris Cunningham

Throughout the EFG London Jazz Festival, we at Women in Jazz Media are holding a jazz art and photography exhibition, showcasing some of the leading artists and photographers from the UK. Curated by Aurelie Freoua, it is an exciting opportunity to see how different art forms have influenced and inspired a wide ranging of stunning artists.

Aurelie Freoua by Monika Jakubowska

We asked team member and curator of the exhibition, Aurelie Freoua to put some questions to the artists and explore their work. In this second article, Aurelie talks briefly, to Chris Cunningham.

Chris Cunningham is a multi-media artist living and working in the UK. Chris experiments with acrylic and watercolour paints to produce unique creations and his work is typically viewed as abstract yet can be viewed as figurative. Women in Jazz Media commissioned Chris to create some work for us in celebration of International Women Day in Match 2021 and it is this work that is displayed in this exhibition.

What does it mean to you to create artworks inspired by jazz?

I grew up with my Dad’s Jazz, with Sidney Bechet and Stephan Grappelli dominating the soundscape so there’s always resonance for me. It allows me a freedom to play with images.

Chris Cunningham

What artistic influences and experiences have shaped the artist you are today?

Oh so much. Everything! It changes every day.

Would you define your art as abstract, figurative or a combination of both?

Definitely a combination but the Women in Jazz series has been figurative.

Is music an important source of inspiration and stimulation for your work?

Always! Paper, pen, music. Vamanos!

Why is the work of organisations such as Women in Jazz Media important and how do you think they will benefit the jazz and art world?


Women in Jazz Media will provide focus and will help galvanize all the incredible talent and creativity out there, to support and inspire and give a solid foundation to allow creativity to flourish.

Chris Cunningham’s work will be exhibited at Toulouse Lautrec, London from November 11th to 21st as part of the Jazz in Art Exhibition for the EFG London Jazz Festival. For further information, click here

To support the work of Chris, please visit his website here


Last modified: November 11, 2021