Curtain Calls: Arlette Hovinga meets the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw.

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Arlette Hovinga’s Curtain Calls series live from the Szczecin Jazz Festival in Poland in February of this year proved hugely popular gaining well over 27k views on this platform alone. Arlette is now back with another series and this time direct from Amsterdam.

In this new series of Curtain Calls, Arlette goes behind the scenes at the Bimhuis with Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw. She speaks with the Orchestra members about their first-ever Virtual Composer in Residence project with the American pianist and composer Jim McNeely.

At the Bimhuis, perhaps Amsterdam’s most beloved jazz club, the Orchestra prepares to play pieces by McNeely for a streamed concert, to be broadcast on International Jazz Day. The ever curious Arlette looks to find out why one of Europe’s leading big bands choose this composer and how a Composer in Residence project works when they cannot even be in the same room?

Episode 1

In this first episode, Arlette talks to artistic director and baritone player Juan Martinez about the Orchestra’s McNeely project and to drummer and arranger Martijn Vink about his longstanding relationship with the celebrated composer. Enjoy.



Episode 2

In the second episode of Curtain Calls: Behind the Scenes at Bimhuis with Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, we’re meeting the band!

In three interviews, co-founder and bassist Frans van Geest, pianist extraordinaire Peter Beets and saxophone powerhouse Simon Rigter talk about what it means to be part of one of Europe’s leading big bands. When and how was the orchestra founded and how does this band of friends feel about working with their first-ever Virtual Composer in Residence? Join us behind the scenes at Bimhuis and find out.


Episode 3

In this third episode, vlog host Arlette Hovinga takes us onto the stage at Bimhuis, Amsterdam to talk about conducting. How does it work? Do conductors just wave their hands around, or is there a bit more to the trade? Meeting Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw conductor Rob Horsting and drummer Martijn Vink, we will explore the role of the conductor during Jim McNeely’s Virtual Artist in Residence.

Part of McNeely’s involvement is virtual in this project, as he will attend rehearsals via Zoom and, under current circumstances, cannot conduct the orchestra during their show on International Jazz Day at Bimhuis, Amsterdam. What does that mean for the Orchestra’s own conductor, and project initiator Martijn Vink? Find out in episode #3 of Curtain Calls: Behind the scenes of Bimhuis with Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw!



Episode 4

In this 4th and final episode in this series of Curtin Calls Arlette speaks with soloists Jan van Duikeren (trumpet), Ruud Breuls (trumpet) and Simon Rigter (saxophone) about what it’s like to do a virtual composer in residence project the differences between streaming and live performances and – of course! – why they miss live audiences. Later on Arlette takes a dive into the library at the Bimhuis. So, Join us for one last evening at Bimhuis before we air our full concert with our Virtual Composer in Residence, Jim McNeely, on International Jazz Day this Friday!




Editors Note: If you want a taste of the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw live, we recently published a video feature of the band performing tracks from their current album “The Jazz Influencers”. You can view this here.

Last modified: May 3, 2021