Kim Cypher releases community video project “Crazy Times”

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Inspired by lockdown; ‘Crazy Times’ is a track and music video composed, performed, produced and directed by husband and wife team Mike and Kim Cypher; Demonstrating the power of music to bring people together, raise spirits and create a moment of escapism in these crazy times.

Mike and Kim took a brave decision approximately 10 years ago to give up their professional ‘day jobs’ (as a Regional Bank Manager and Head of Music in a primary school) to follow their musical dream of being full-time professional musicians. Having worked incredibly hard, putting out 2 highly respected albums and 2 UK album tours with sell-out shows in many prestigious jazz venues, music is clearly in their heart and soul.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, for the first time in their musical career, they felt genuine concern and great sadness as their full calendar of gigs was wiped out and their identity as musicians was put into jeopardy. The couple found great determination to ensure “the music will play on in these crazy times”.


Throughout all the uncertainty, ‘Crazy Times’ evolved into a community project reflecting the power of music to bring people together and raise spirits, focusing on the importance of kindness, compassion and unity. There is no greater time for the music to play on!

The story behind ‘Crazy Times’ and how the project evolved is a real testament to the incredible kindness in the world. This amazing community project captures a very special moment in life that will be cherished forever. Kim explains the full story as to how this project came to be on her Website. It’s a great story and well worth a read.

Click here to read the full story.

Mike and Kim perform all the instrument parts in the track (saxophones, vocals, bass, drums, percussion) and created the whole vision from scratch, bringing together a ‘dream team’ of people to work with them and including as many members of the community as possible. The project is built upon their highly creative, artistic vision. It has a carnivalesque, whacky, quirky vibe drawing on their world music influence. The project allows for their vivacious personalities to shine through.

“The music will play on in these crazy times.”

The Single is available on all major streaming platforms and can be downloaded at Bandcamp.



Sound Engineer – Juanjo Lopez Vidal
Videographer – Leigh Tarrant
Artist – Jussara Nazaré
Photographer – Ron Milsom
Costume Design – Sarah Cross
Dancers – Paul Healey’s Cheltenham Salsa Squad
Graffiti Backdrop – Cheltenham Paint Festival

Last modified: November 23, 2020