Z Comme | Disorder

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It is with ears wide open on the outside that the four musicians weave a Jazz permeable to all influences. Around different musical architectures, they mix the material with this deep desire of meeting and mixing of the genres, it is an invitation to the meditation as to the dance.

At the heart of musical preoccupations and other aBractions are the counterpoint and rhythmic worlds of Dave Holland, Steve Coleman, Aka Moon, Octurn … Masada groups by John Zorn, Pachora and AlasNoAxis by Jim Black, with a taste for New York underground jazz and his forays into Sephardic music (for John Zorn), Central Europe (for Pachora) and pop-noise ( for AlasNoAxis). And more broadly, all the music “with roots” and the world-wide.

Release Date: 1 June 2018
Format: CD | Digital
Label: Self Released.




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