Autumn in Berlin – Spiritual works

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Spiritual works from one of London‘s premier saxophonists – Josephine Davies

Yesterday I went to the Josephine Davies Berlin gig. Josephine brought her compositions to the German capital and to German musicians. Her regular trio with David Whitford and James Maddren were replaced by the Berlin-based artists Roland Fidezius on double bass and Sebastian Merk on drums. Just one day of rehearsal was needed!  Josephine explained with pride and joy, to create fine chemistry and elegance for the needs of the Satori-Trio concept is often a challenge.

I must say, that I was very impressed with Josephine’s compositions which profoundly expressed jazz fertile soil. The b-flat was sold out and the audience witnessed two sets full of musical ideas and great playing. In the second set another British saxophonist, a close friend of Josephine joined the stage for two tracks. The jazz classic –  “Is it you or no one” was a nice example for a perfect call for two very responsive tenor sax players.

Josephine Davies latest CD/LP album, titled: “In the Corner of Clouds” found a lot of audiences customers after this wonderful concert.

At the end of the marvellous night, she announced a new upcoming work together with the well-known German saxophonist Johannes Enders. Keep your ears and eyes open for this!

The CD and the vinyl edition of the release In the Corner of Clouds”  you can easily order directly through Joespehines website.

Text/photo credits: Jan Fritz


Last modified: November 9, 2019