Chucho Valdès & Stefano Bollani play Venezia Jazz Festival.

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The great pianists and composers Stefano Bollani and Chucho Valdès will meet to play together for a unique project. The Bollani-Valdés night will be one of the big event of the second year of Venezia Jazz Festival Fall edition. Organized by Veneto Jazz, the performance will be on the 2nd of November at Teatro Goldoni, Venice.

After Valdés first time participation, as guest, at Bollani tv show “L’importante è avere un piano” on Rai 1, the two artists played together at Havana Great Theatre on June, 2018. The immediate chemistry they had was incredible. The musical intuition and imagination of Bollani, and the afro-cuban energy and rhythm of Valdés mix together generate a show that have a strong emotional impact, their pianos talk to each other like they play together from years. The show will be a great moment of pure improvisation as Jazz required. At the same time the two musicians will do an incredible tour from Cuba to Italy using different styles.

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Last modified: October 12, 2019