Hadar Noiberg | Open Fields

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Who would have thought that music by a flute, bass and drums trio could be so colourful? So diverse and different and so full of drive and emotion? Hadar and her musicians are pushed to find other ways of expression and communication and to go beyond the boundaries of their instruments – the flute becomes the harmonic and rhythmic instrument, the double bass becomes an equal melodic instrument and the drums wrap it all up with an array of sounds and earthy grooves.

The album is also coloured by the touching playing of the world-renowned pianist Chano Dominguez as a special guest. Hadar’s music takes you by surprise – it takes you on a journey of excitement and longing, at times intense and then so clear and simple. “Open Fields” is an album of beautiful songs; of powerful heartfelt melodies with unadulterated freedom.

With her exceptional trio, she has been touring internationally since 2010 in the US, Canada, Brazil, Europe, Taiwan and Israel. Now she is about to release her 3rd album as a bandleader. “Open Fields” derives from Hadar’s Israeli roots mixed to her worldwide influences to create her own innovative style and extremely melodic instrumental pieces Hadar calls “songs”. The album features Eduardo Belo on Double bass, Amir Bar-Akiva on the drums and special guest, world-renowned pianist, Chano Dominguez

After working with such acclaimed artists such as Yemen Blues, Dave Valentin, Anat Cohen, Omer Avital and performing in venues and festivals as Blue Note, WOMEX, Discover Jazz Festival, Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, Babel Med Music, Roskilde Festival, “A” Trane, Central Park SummerStage, to name a few, Noiberg sets out to create a new musical experience that is unique to her.

Hadar has come a long way since moving to NY at 21 and now she has made a name for herself in the Jazz and world music scenes in NY and internationally. Her artistry and spirit take the audience on a journey to their inner self and brings healing and joy.

Release Date: 28 April 2018
Format; CD | Digital
Label: Jammin’colors Records

Track Listing:
1. I See the Light | 2. Doors Wide Open | 3. Nova Scotia | 4. Open Fields | 5. My Big Why | 6. Na’ama | 7. Rockin’ the Boat | 8. Triste | 9. Time to Let Go

Hadar Noiberg: flutes | Eduardo Belo: double bass, acoustic guitar | Amir Bar-Akiva: drums | Chano Dominguez

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