‘Walk with the Spirit’ by Louisiana Bluesman – Coco Robicheaux

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I’d always been on the periphery of Blues music until I was re-introduced and began to immerse myself into its complexities about 5 years ago. Over that time I have honed my personal sub-blues music choices. One of the key things I am drawn to is meaningful lyrics, and ‘walk with the spirit’ by Coco Robicheaux is on my personal top ten list. Especially as its lyrics remind us of a conduit to personal strength in current poignant globally times.

Who is this Louisiana bluesman: Coco was original born as Curtis John Arceneaux on October 25th 1947 in California.

Coco Robicheaux started his musically life at an early age, and many influence impacted him. This include his time in France for 3 years due to his father being stationed there in the Air Force. On his return to the US and at just 13 years old he was the front man of his own group and played the Bourbon Blues bar in Nashville at age 15. He signed up for his first record deal at only 18.

The stage name Coco Robocheaux is taken from a local Louisiana legend, in which a naughty child called Coco Robicheaux, is abducted by a werewolf.

His Discography is impressive and in 1998, Offbeat magazine dubbed him the winner of its award for the year’s Best Blues Album by a Louisiana Artist. He received three nominations, one in the category of Best Blues Artist, and from the Big Easy Entertainment Awards the following year.

One of his last recordings were for the Danish singer Naja Rosa’s album ‘The Place I Call Home’ in 2012. His last recording took place on his 64th birthday, one month before his death, with singer Frenchie Moe. Mike Hood, Leon “Kid Chocolate” Brown, Jimmy Carpenter and Jack Cruz also contributed to the song.

Coco Robicheaux died at age 64, quietly, in his usual spot, at his favourite bar; the Apple Barrel in New Orleans on November 25th, 2011 in New Orleans.

Text: Pia Sonne-Schmidt

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