Trio Soundscapism – EP Review by Erminia Yardley

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A trio made out of Hong Kong via New York and then London.   With creativity and verve, the project that is Trio Soundscapism, make jazz and improvisation sound so very easy.  And it is, it works!

Alex Ho on piano and Tsang Tak Hong on bass, both from Hong Kong (with Ho dividing his time between London and Hong Kong) and young New York based drummer Ian Chang, this trio is just what it says on the tin: “a landscape of sound created by layers of tone colour, the result of the spontaneity and creativity of the trio”.

Trio Soundscapism’s 6-track album should be listened to with a slightly loud volume, does not matter what time of day, any time in fact would be good, but the level of sound is definitely important.

Having been fortunate to have watched Alex Ho live at Pizza Express a few months ago, I chatted with him on any particular update with his music situation. Promptly I received an album, which, although released last year, it has been circulating quite fast on the London scene and quite rightly so!

Trio Soundscapism’s self-titled album is innovative, fresh and with a couple of improvisation gems (namely, tracks 2 and 4, “Conversation #1” and “Conversation #2”).

Track 3 is one of my favourites, “Eewy and Yarki”, written by the bass player, Tsang Tak Hong, is inspired by Hong’s wife and their cats. A joyful and melodic piece, full of stamina and laughter.

“The Search” (track 6), written by Ho, shows off his skills on the piano, but also the perfect balance he has managed to achieve between composition and playing.

Although the trio have been gigging heavily recently, they are now in “rest” mode, but I know they will be back on the live scene soon. The sooner the better.

What is also good about the album is the great interaction of the trio, their playing and working all together, on the same level, and their clear inspirational worldwide paths.

A must listen!

Text: Erminia Yardley

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Last modified: July 15, 2018