Ray Charles last Raelette ~ Andromeda Turre ~ New live EP

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After studying at Berklee College of Music and The Boston Conservatory, New York City native Andromeda Turre kickstarted her career as the last Raelette hired to sing for Ray Charles.

Producing two albums on her own, Andromeda has spent the last 10 years capturing the hearts of fans all across Europe, Asia & Russia. Now, having truly found her own voice, she is ready to make her debut in her home country.

The August release of her live EP consists of four new videos. A re-imagination of the classic “Pennies From Heaven”, a re-harmonization of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and two original songs, “Alive” and “Golden”. “Golden” features her father Steve Turre and her brother, Orion Turre plays drums on all tracks, making it a family affair.

Below is one of Andromeda’s four Live EP Videos. (Watch the others here: Andromeda’s YT Channel)

EP Band:
John di Martino – piano
Rashaan Carter – bass
Orion Turre – drums

Andromeda’s new EP will be followed up with her CD recording in January 2018.

CD Special Guests:
Steve Turre – trombone/shells
James Carter – saxophones
Sachal Vasandani – vocals
Ray Angry – keyboards
Warren Wolf – vibes

Andromeda shared her thoughts and feelings about her new CD “Shine” Project, saying;

“The spirit of rebellion and ripeness is embodied within Smells Like Teen Spirit. When I hear it, I feel like I can walk through flames. This song gave me power when I was an awkward teenager who didn’t fit in, so I wanted to return to that source of power to help me have the courage to put myself out there.

It was conceptualized as a collaboration with my brother, Orion, who plays drums on the track. He did the arrangement and I changed up some of the lyrics and melody to suit my voice and my story.  The ability to present this song in a way that is relevant to the style of music I sing today gives me a mature sense of authority that I hope is internalized when people hear it.”

To find out more and follow Andromeda’s progress:


YT Video: Andromeda’s YT Channel

Last modified: July 15, 2018