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Jazz was born in America. This true American art form has been embraced with open arms by our brothers and sisters in Europe, Japan and around the world! The music has grown, evolved and developed a great presence in our lives. Jazzahead! 2017 held April 27-30 in Bremen, Germany, spearheads the movement forward, following a successful showing last year. It is crucial for the U.S. Jazz industry to fully support jazzahead! with vigor at the Umbrella Stand USA!

Jeff Levenson is a highly respected voice in the ongoing development of this healing music. Levenson wears many hats including: Trustee, The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences and Consultant, North American Representative,  jazzhead!

“Jazzahead is the one place where members of the world-wide jazz community can convene for the purpose of doing business,” he explains.”It has become a magnet for all those who work in the industry – artists, managers, agents, presenters, labels, and members of the music ecosystem. What’s most rewarding is that Europe has an elastic view of the genre – meaning, hybrid music colored or informed by world elements and jazz are celebrated and represented fully. Jazzahead! has become a leading voice in the drive to embrace this spirit of inclusion.”

On the importance of America’s support of jazzahead!, Levenson says, “As the jazz industry updates itself, driven in the main by technological innovation, jazzahead! remains a steadying destination where U.S. jazz gatekeepers can find new and alternative opportunities for growth. The idea of ‘future’ is a constant. Whereas the U.S. wrestles with galvanizing the industry’s various interests, Jazzahead! brings them together as interdependent entities dedicated to creating, presenting and consuming the art. Jazzahead! leads the way in artist and audience development.”

For more information:

Umbrella Stand USA. This stand has the stand number 6A24 and can be booked by management and booking agencies, promoters for clubs and festivals, musicians and bands as well as other participants from the U.S.A. Special features on the stand will include hostess assistance, schedule organization, mail box and material collection abilities, etc.

The umbrella stand is organized by jazzahead! and Johanan (Jo) Bickhardt and the registration fee is 325€ + 19% VAT (a second pass for a company member is only 125€+19%VAT). To be included in the jazzahead! Members guide, registration must be completed by March 17th. If you have further questions or need more details regarding the stand and/or jazzahead!, please contact Jo Bickhardt via e-mail at: usa@jazzahead.de

Jeff Levenson –  Photo credit: Sybyelle Zeitler

Sidebar photos: jazzahead.de

Text:  Scott H. Thompson  is a music industry public relations expert serving nine years as Assistant Director of Public Relations for Jazz at Lincoln Center, before starting his own PR business in 2013.  A highly effective strategist for clients seeking enhanced media visibility.

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