Alan Broadbent releases new album on Vinyl.

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Pianist Alan Broadbent will be performing live from his studio in the U.S.A. to celebrate the release of his new Album “Just One Of Those Things”. What’s special about this concert is that it will be streamed live on providing access to fans world wide. is a new platform that allows artists to stream concerts from any location live on the internet. Given the current state of the music industry StageIT provides artists with a new opportunity to reach a wider audience and to interact with their fans while still earnig money form the sale of digital tickets. (keep an eye out for the coming article on the opportunities live streaming provides for musicians – ed).

Alan’s concert taks place on Saturday, October 4, at 1pm (New York City time, 7pm central European time).

If you want to view the concert you can sign up for a digital ticket directly on  Tickets cost $7,50 USD.

The new solo recording from Alan Broadbent, “Just One Of Those Things”, will be released on the German based label “Edition Longplay” that specializes in the release of high quality vinyl LP’s. Edition Longplay’s founder Rainer Haarmann (former artistic director of the prestigious JazzBaltica Festival) stated recently when speaking of the come back of vinyl “

“It started with the club scene and with Dj’s; they helped the LP to develop a new curiosity. In its best times the long play recording stood for the ambitious aim to communicate music and all its artistic facets with pictures, paintings and words in an attractive way. The LP itself became in its best examples an art object in itself. For example – and this as an icon for a whole period – Andy Warhol’s yellow banana on the LP “Velvet Underground” or the functioning zipper on the million fold sold LP of the Rolling Stones. Another example: the Blue Note LP – design of Reid Miles, which stood and still stands as best example of LP art of all times. Jazz music itself came into a second glorious time with the help of designers, photographers and artists like Lee Friedlander, Gil Melle, William Claxton, David Stone Martin, Charles Stewart and in Germany with the unforgettable Günther Kieser.“

The official release date for the album is 1 October 2014. The LP will come bundled with a download card for the digital version of the album in MP3 format. The LP will be issued as a limited edition with only 500 copies available, so you will need to be quick to make sure you don’t miss out. In addition 9 unique – handmade woodcut prints of the cover by Martina Geist will be released at the price of 380, – Euro (incl. Edition Longplay LP 11). The LP will be available from authorized dealers and direct from the label. The special editions however will only be available from the label.

For more Information regarding Alan’s album and Edition Longplay click here

Please keep an eye out on Jazz In Europe for the coming interview with Alan Broadbent where he will speak about his new release and the upcoming European Tour. As a taste of what’s to come here are some of the coming concert dates.

15. October 2014, KulturForum, Kiel
10. November 2014, Jazz Festival, Saarbrücken
24. March 2015, A-Trane, Berlin – <>

More concerts at

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