Festival Flashes | Scheldejazz Festival, Terneuzen (The Netherlands)

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Our roving festival “meister”, Peter Beije will be providing us this summer with his impressions of the festivals he will visit in a new format we’ll call “Festival Flashes”. The cab off the rank is the Schelde jazz Festival in Terneuzen (The Netherlands). Keep an eye out for the next in the series, Gent Jazz Festival and Jazz Middelheim.


Friday June 13th 2014:
The second day of the World Cup soccer in Brazil, the first day of Schelde Jazz, the festival in the Dutch port city Terneuzen. Not only in Brazil but also at the jazz festival one could enjoy virtuoso footwork. The Quartet of Benjamin Herman played in jazz club Porgy and Bess, with Carlo de Wijs on Hammond organ. He plays the instrument as it actually should be done. Two hands manage the keyboards, the left foot plays the bass pedals and the right foot is on the ‘accelerator ‘.

Benjamin Herman Quartet:

Benjamin Herman, alto sax |Jesse van Ruller, guitar | Carlo de Wijs, Hammond | Joost Kroon, drums.

Photos Eddy Westveer


Saturday june 14:
It all started in New Orleans, the street parades. And decades later during jazz festivals all over the world musicians marched down the streets. But “The times they are a changing”, to quote Bob Dylan. It’s 2014 and there is a World Cup soccer going on in Brazil. So male drummers and female dancers in the streets. But sure it’s the ladies that get the most the attention on the spot, not the drummers nor the sportsmen in their home country. But Brazil is a jazz country as well. Samba swings and Astrud Gilberto and Antônio Carlos Jobim are world famous.

Photo Mira van der Molen


Sunday 15 june | Venue: Porgy & Bess:
In the 70 ‘s of the last century the so-called Gypsy jazz experienced a revival. To a large extent that was the work of the Waso Quartet of Koen de Cauter and Fapy Lafertin. The music of Django Reinhardt, the main European jazz musician from the first half of the last century, got new life. And Koen de Cauter and Fapy Lafertin have now a new dimension added to the music with the project Django-On. The guitars and the bass are still there, but drums, cornet and reed instruments have been added. Gypsy jazz of the 21st century, with beautiful arrangements of classics and newer music. Django lives on!

Koen De Cauter, soprano saxophone, guitar and vocals | Fapy Lafertin, guitar | Joachim Badenhorst clarinet and bass clarinet | Jon Birdsong, cornet | Waso De Cauter, guitar | Dajo De Cauter, double bass | Lionel Beuvens, drums

Photos: Eddy Westveer

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