Dutch radio program Jazz Meeting reaches listeners worldwide

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Every Wednesday evening live from the studio’s of Radio Hengelo Cynthia Thijs presents the Jazz Meeting. The Jazz Meeting is a radio program with the goal of introducing new music to jazz fans and provide a introduction to jazz for those listeners not familiar with the genre. Radio Hengelo is available throughout the Netherlands on Cable and worldwide via the Internet.

After 14 years Jazz Meeting has grown from a local radio program featuring mostly local artists to a fully fledged Jazz show reaching more than 10,000 listeners worldwide each month. Cynthia stated recently that her goal with Jazz Meeting was “to break boundaries, explore, discover and meet people interested in Jazz from around the world.” Cynthia is often on the road visiting clubs and festivals throughout Europe doing Interviews with prominent musicians and industry professionals. Looking back over the last 14 years of Jazz Meeting Cynthia has met and interviewed the who’s who of the Jazz World including the late George Duke, Chick Corea, Marcus Miller, Jimmy Haslip, Dee Dee Bridgwater and John Scofield to name just a few.

I asked Cynthia how Jazz Meeting came to be, she answered “About 14 years ago I read an advertisement from Radio Hengelo in the local paper, asking for volunteers. My eldest son said, well Mum that’s just want you always wanted to do, so go for it. I immediately contacted them and was asked if I would like to present a Jazz program. At that moment, knowing that it is very hard to reach people and get them aquatinted with Jazz, I realized that this will be an enormous challenge.” 14 Years later, looking at what has been achieved I think we can safely say mission accomplished.

My last question for Cynthia was “What are the greatest challenges for Jazz Radio in the coming 5 years? Her answer was short and to the point “I don’t know..if you’ve ideas let me know!”

The Jazz Meeting on Radio Hengelo can de heard every Wednesday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm CET and live on the Internet at www.radiohengelotv.nl

More information on the Jazz Meeting can be found at www.jazzmeeting.nl

Last modified: July 15, 2018