How To Produce A Successful Jazz Concert

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For quit some time now I have subscribed to the JazzVideoGuy’s YouTube channel. This evening I recieved a mail letting me know he has just posted a new video of Larry Rosen speaking on the subject “How To Produce A Successful Jazz Concert”. This short video hit’s the nail on the head and given the current state of the market in Europe valuable information for all those who promote concerts. 

For those of you who do not know of Larry Rosen I have included the opening paragraph of his official biography below: 

Larry Rosen, musician, producer, executive producer, and music industry entrepreneur. Mr. Rosen is the Chairman of Larry Rosen Productions, Inc., creator and producer of JAZZ ROOTS – A Larry Rosen Jazz Series, co-founder of GRP Records, co-founder of LRSmedia, and co-founder and past Chairman of N2K, Inc. (NASDAQ). Mr. Rosen is the creator and producer of the PBS television series LEGENDS OF JAZZ, and is the creator and producer of multimedia TV series RECORDING: The History of Recorded Music, with hosts Quincy Jones and Phil Ramone. 

To find out more about Mr Rosen check out his website 

Do yourself a favor and spend a few minuets watching this video.

Last modified: July 15, 2018