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Special Introductory Offer

Advertise FREE on Jazz In Europe

Jazz in Europe will be offering musicians, lables, venues and festivals a well thought out package of promotional opportunities on the Jazz in Europe website as well as our newsletter and social media channels. These packages have been designed by industry professionals with years of experience in helping the performing arts sector get it’s message out.

We at Jazz in Europe wish to be fully transparent regarding our reader base and demographics so we can add value to our clients campaigns. As a brand new site we need to invest in building our readership and over the next six months we will be working hard to build a large and highly engaged readership. We have a stratgic marketing campaijn ready to go however this is a work in progress and you do not develop a strong readership overnight.

For this six month period we are offering selected artists, venues, lables and festivals the opertunity to promote your CD, Concerts or festival compleatly FREE of charge.There are no hidden catchs to this offer, we will promote your product and it will not cost you a single cent, a true win win offer.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer please contact Ronald Gerritzen at for further information.

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